Premium Support

Premium Support is a meticulously crafted service designed to address your advanced requirements. Before we delve into the details, it's crucial to clarify that our commitment to supporting your business remains unwavering, and standard assistance is, and will continue to be, provided free of charge.

Premium Support is an extension of our dedication to tailoring solutions for your unique needs. Think of it as your bespoke toolkit for handling intricate tasks, from custom functionality development to navigating complex issues.

What is Premium Support?

Premium Support is dedicated to resolving intricate problems, providing advanced assistance for tasks such as custom functionality development, external integrations (e.g., integrating new payment processors), and handling complex issues arising from user configurations or external factors.

How Does It Work?

  • Hourly Flexibility: You decide the duration of Premium Support based on your needs, with an hourly rate of €75. The final cost depends on the complexity and time required for the task.

  • External Integrations: This may involve the adding a new payment processors or other third-party services. Please note that any request to adjust the core functionality of our platform is considered a development endeavour.

  • Complex Issues: Premium Support is dedicated to resolving intricate problems caused by user configurations or external factors. If the issue arises from our service's functionality, we will resolve it at no additional charge.

  • Requesting Premium Support: Reach out via email or message us in Telegram, sharing detailed information about your requirements. This helps us estimate the hours needed accurately.

  • Approval and Rejection: We maintain transparency. Support requests may be declined if a feature contradicts our policies, values, exceeds our scope, or proves technically unfeasible.

We're committed to offering free support for your everyday needs and are thrilled to provide you with a personalized assistance through Premium Support.

Thank you for choosing TGmembership and placing your trust in us to support your business.

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