With GoCardless, you can easily collect payments from over 30 countries using the world's first global bank payment network. This user-friendly and efficient platform offers a seamless solution for accepting bank payments, making it an invaluable addition to our diverse range of payment options. Follow this comprehensive tutorial to effortlessly integrate GoCardless into your TGmembership bot and streamline your payment processing for a hassle-free experience!

Register on GoCardless Website

Before proceeding with the integration, you'll need to register on the GoCardless website. Simply navigate to their website and follow the registration process, providing necessary information about your business. Once completed, you'll gain access to your GoCardless account.

Access the 'Developers' Section

After logging in to your GoCardless account, look for the 'Developers' option in the menu on the left-hand side. Click on it to proceed with the integration process.
GoCardless Developers Option
Select the 'Developers' option from the left-hand menu to proceed with the integration process in your GoCardless account.
Scroll down to the 'Access Tokens' section within the 'Developers' menu. Locate the option to 'Create an access token' and click on it to generate the necessary token for the integration with TGmembership.
GoCardless Access Tokens Section
Click on 'Create an access token' in the 'Access Tokens' section to proceed with the integration.

Create an Access Token

In the 'Access Tokens' section, enter a name of your choice (e.g., TGmembership) for the token. Ensure that you grant this access token both read and write permissions. Click on the 'Create access token' button to generate the token, enabling seamless communication between GoCardless and TGmembership.
GoCardless Create Access Token
Click on the 'Create access token' button to proceed with the integration process.

Obtain Your Unique Access Token

After clicking 'Create access token', GoCardless will generate a unique access token for your app. Click on the 'Copy' button to copy it, write it down somewhere safe, and then select 'I've copied this access token' to close the window.
GoCardless Access Token Copy
Obtain your unique access token by clicking 'Copy', then confirm by selecting 'I've copied this access token'.

Finding the 'GoCardless' in Your Bot's Settings

To integrate GoCardless into your bot, open your bot and type /settings in the chat. Then select 'Payment Method(s)' from the menu. Locate the button labeled 'GoCardless', which will have an exclamation mark next to it, indicating that this payment method has not yet been installed.
Bot Settings - Payment Method(s) Button
To access payment methods, click on the 'Payment Method(s)' button in the /settings menu of your bot.
GoCardless Button - Installation Required
'GoCardless' button in the 'Payment Method(s)' menu, showing an exclamation mark indicating it needs to be installed.

Obtaining Webhook URL and Secret

Before entering your access token into the bot, you need to set up a webhook in GoCardless. The bot will provide you with a URL and a secret that you need to enter in GoCardless for the seamless integration process.
GoCardless Webhook URL and Secret
Get the webhook URL and secret from the bot to proceed with the integration.

Accessing 'Webhook Endpoints' in GoCardless

Return to GoCardless, open the 'Developers' option again, and scroll down to 'Webhook Endpoints', located just after the 'Access Tokens' section that we used earlier. Click on 'Create a webhook endpoint'.
GoCardless Webhook Endpoints
Access the 'Webhook Endpoints' section in GoCardless to configure the webhook URL and secret obtained from the bot.

Creating GoCardless Webhook Endpoint

Enter a name of your choice (e.g., TGmembership) and input the URL and Secret exactly as provided by the bot. Leave the 'Webhook client certificate' checkbox unticked, as it is not required for the integration. When you're ready, click on the 'Create webhook endpoint' button to finalize the setup.
GoCardless Webhook Endpoint Creation Form
Enter the provided URL and Secret, and click 'Create webhook endpoint' to proceed.

Entering GoCardless Access Token in Your Bot

Return to your bot and enter the access token you generated from the GoCardless dashboard. Your bot will verify the token's validity and confirm that the GoCardless payment method is now successfully installed.


Congratulations! You have successfully integrated the GoCardless payment method into TGmembership. Now, your users can enjoy the convenience of making secure payments from 30+ countries using the world's first global bank payment network. By following the simple step-by-step tutorial, you have enabled a seamless payment experience for your users. Should you encounter any questions or require assistance, our support team is always here to help. Start accepting payments with ease and enhance your users' experience with GoCardless integrated into TGmembership. Happy selling!