Access Tokens

Learn how to create and use access tokens in TGmembership. Activate memberships with ease and without additional fees.

Access tokens are a great way to grant someone free access to your service. There are several reasons why you might want to use them:

  1. Extend trial periods: If users need more time to try out your service, you can use access tokens to give them extra days.

  2. Partnership or collaboration: Offering free access to partners or collaborators can help build relationships and foster mutually beneficial collaborations.

  3. Build community: By offering free access to a specific group or demographic, you can create a sense of community and encourage participation among members.

  4. Accept offline payments: If users have paid in a way that's not supported by TGmembership, you can use access tokens to grant them access.

  5. Run giveaways: You can use access tokens as prizes in your giveaways.

Access tokens are linked to your existing plans and last for the same duration as the plan. For example, an access token linked to a monthly plan will provide 1 month of access. Each token can only be used once and is automatically invalidated after use.

If you change your mind, you can always delete any access token you've created. You can create a single token, or several at once in bulk.

Important note for Pay As You Go bots

Access tokens are provided free of charge and do not require an upgrade to your plan or any additional fees. However, please use them reasonably and not as a primary means of settling payments. Access tokens should work alongside your main payment gateways, not replace them.

It's important to note that this applies only to bots that are on a percentage-based billing plan.

Create an access token

To create a new access token in TGmembership, simply type /members and select "Add/Delete access token", then choose "Create new".

Choose the plan that you want to link your access token to from the list. This will determine the duration of the token and the level of access that the user will have.

How many access tokens would you like to create? If you only need one, select "Just one". If you need multiple tokens, select "Multiple" and choose the number you require.

For the purpose of this article, I'll create 15 access tokens

Once you're done, the bot will send you a .csv file with all 15 access tokens.

You can open this file using a spreadsheet editor of your choice. If you don't have one installed, you can try using an online CSV preview service. Alternatively, if you're comfortable working with .csv files, you can open it with any text editor.

The "Access Token" column contains the codes that users can use to activate their membership manually. However, there is a simpler and recommended way to activate access tokens. Just click on the link provided in the "Link" column and start the bot. This will automatically activate the access token, and the user will have their membership activated.

Remember that TGmembership treats access tokens like regular paid plans. Users will receive renewal reminders and their membership will expire at the end of the period. If you need to revoke or remove access to an access token, you can do so by deleting it in the "Add/Delete access token" section of the bot.

Zero-Priced Orders

By default, access tokens created in TGmembership are not priced, meaning they are not factored into affiliate commissions and are excluded from the /analytics module. However, you have the option to turn off the zero-price option for your access tokens. When this option is turned off, the access tokens will inherit the price of the plan they are linked to.

Use Access Token

Ready to use your access token? Just click on the link sent by the bot and make sure to hit the "Start" button to activate it.

Once you press the "Start" button, your membership will be instantly confirmed. A notification will be sent to you, along with buttons to access all available channels with just one click.

Auto-Delete if not used

Admins can now set a timer (in days) for auto-deleting issued and unused access tokens. By default, access tokens remain valid until they are used or manually deleted, regardless of how much time has passed. With the new auto-delete feature, admins can ensure unused tokens are automatically removed after a specified period, enhancing security and reducing administrative overhead.

Note that changing the setting affects all existing tokens, regardless of when they were created. For example, if you set the timer to 14 days, 8 days pass, and you then change it to 2 days, those tokens will be deleted accordingly.


Are there any fees for creating and using access tokens with TGmembership, compared to other membership services?

No, TGmembership doesn't charge any fee for creating or using access tokens. We aim to provide our users with a cost-effective solution for managing memberships, and that includes providing access tokens free of charge.

Are access tokens only available in TGmembership's high-tier plans, like with some other services?

Access tokens are available for all plans in TGmembership, including the Pay As You Go plan. There is no need to upgrade to a higher-tier plan to access this feature.

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