Adding Trial Memberships

Discover how to implement trial memberships on Telegram with our step-by-step guide. Learn to offer both free and paid trials to attract and retain subscribers effectively.

When it comes to managing trial memberships with TGmembership, there are two main approaches: free trials and paid trials. Let's delve into each method to help streamline your membership management process and reduce support inquiries:

Free Trials

Free trials are an excellent way to attract new members by offering them immediate access to your premium content without requiring any upfront payment or personal data. Here's how to set up a free trial:

  1. Create a New Plan: Begin by creating a new subscription plan within your TGmembership dashboard. Set the price of the plan to 0 to indicate that it's a free trial. The duration of the plan will determine how long the trial period lasts. If you're unsure how to create a plan, refer to our guide on creating a subscription plan.

  2. Membership Activation: Once a user subscribes to the free trial plan, their membership will be immediately activated, granting them access to your premium members-only area.

  3. Expiration Reminders: As the trial membership approaches its expiration date, your bot will automatically send reminders to the customer, prompting them to complete a payment in order to continue accessing your premium content beyond the trial period.

  4. Handling Users with Prior Memberships: For users who had previously held a membership, regardless of whether it was a trial or a paid subscription, the free trial plan will be automatically hidden from their view. This ensures that users who have already experienced the trial period cannot access it again, encouraging them to consider upgrading to a paid subscription if they wish to continue accessing premium content.

Paid trials are ideal for offering users a limited period of free access to your premium content, after which they will be automatically charged for continued access. Here's how to set up a paid trial:

  1. Select a Recurring Plan: Paid trials can only be added to recurring subscription plans. Ensure that the plan you're adding the trial to is set to recur automatically. If your plan is not recurring, you'll need to create a new recurring plan in order to use the trial feature. If you're unsure how to create a plan, refer to our guide on creating a subscription plan.

  2. Trial Activation: Users can activate a paid trial using payment methods such as PayPal or Stripe. During the trial activation process, they will be prompted to provide their account details or bank card information and agree to be automatically charged once the trial period ends.

  3. Integration with Existing Plans: Paid trials can be seamlessly integrated into existing recurring plans. Open your bot and use the /plans command to access your subscription plans. Select the plan you wish to add the trial to, and locate the trial option. Specify the duration of the trial period, such as 1 week, to determine how long users can access your premium content for free.

  4. Handling Users with Prior Memberships: In the case of users with a previous membership history, including both trial and paid subscriptions, they will not be presented with the option to sign up for a paid trial. Instead, they will be directed to immediately proceed with the full payment for the subscription plan.


While both free and paid trials can be effective tools for attracting new members, it's essential to choose the method that aligns best with your membership strategy and audience preferences. Whether you opt for a free trial to offer immediate access or a paid trial for automatic subscription renewal, TGmembership provides the flexibility and features you need to successfully manage trial memberships and grow your premium content community.

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