1.45 - 10 Jul '24


  • Option to automatically delete access tokens if unused within X days, where X is customizable.

  • Create custom commands pointing to another in-bot command, potentially with deep-link parameters, such as subscribe_planabcdef1234-10.

  • Bots with enabled Adaptive AI Learning, and with a Support Group with Topic Features enabled, will have a separate topic "AI Training" to separate training snippets from other notifications.

  • /members -> Check Membership Status now has an option to hide/display pending orders in addition to completed ones, allowing you to see the full purchase history of your members.

  • Added option to export /export_clients_list spreadsheet for active members only, instead of including all orders, even past ones.

  • New setting to disable membership overwrites. When enabled, active members attempting to purchase a new membership will see an error.

  • New setting to hide the "I have a coupon" button during checkout.

  • New setting for age verification when starting the bot. Disabled by default, but useful for businesses selling age-restricted content, such as gambling.

  • Affiliate notifications now include the percentage earned and indicate if the customer is a newcomer or renewal.

  • Create coupons based on the lifetime revenue generated by customers, e.g., for users who have spent less than $1,000 in total, or reward loyal customers who have spent more.

  • Create coupons based on the number of payments a customer has made over time, e.g., for customers who have purchased less than 5 times.


  • /members -> Check Membership Status now displays all orders instead of only the last 5.

  • For affiliate earnings, users who previously had trials are now counted as newcomers when they purchase their first plan, allowing affiliates to earn commissions.

  • When a subscription is cancelled, /membershipstatus will now note this, clarifying for users why the command still responds without a cancel button.


  • The newcomer option for coupons has been removed. The new customizable option for the number of purchases can serve the same purpose. E.g., setting eligibility for users with fewer than 1 purchase functions as a newcomer coupon.

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