1.9 - 13 Mar '21


  • Added an option to attach the subscription buttons to the initial message (command /start). This option is enabled by default, but can be disabled from the settings menu if you prefer to use the /subscribe command only.

  • Payment methods can now be deleted. To do this, click on an already configured method and your bot will ask you to delete it instead of overwriting the settings as it was before.

  • French translation added.


  • The logic behind the join buttons has been updated. Telegram announced temporary links for bots in version 5.1 from 09.03.2021 - only 2 days later it was available in the beta version of TGmembership, and another 2 days later it was added in the stable version. Your bots will continue to send self-destruct buttons, but the links hidden behind them will be valid until they are used or for 30 seconds - whichever comes first.

  • Improved Flutterwave integration.

  • When you set up a new payment method, the data already entered will remain visible on the screen for greater clarity.

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