Mastering Chat Folders

Streamline Telegram membership management with folder links. Simplify access to multiple channels with a single click.

Welcome to the world of TGmembership, where organization meets excellence! In this comprehensive guide, we'll unveil the remarkable capabilities of Chat Folders designed to cater to bustling communities and businesses managing multiple Telegram channels. Whether you're overseeing dozens or even hundreds of channels, Chat Folders offer unparalleled organizational prowess to streamline your Telegram membership management. If your business or community comprises only a few channels, these features may provide less immediate benefit. New to Chat Folders? Not a problem – we'll provide a quick link to our previous article for a seamless introduction. Get ready to supercharge your TGmembership journey as we delve into the art of optimization with Chat Folders.

Step 1: Access Plan Editing

Open your Telegram chat with the TGmembership bot and type /plans. You will see two options: "Add" and "Edit." Choose "Edit" to access the list of your available plans. Then, select the specific plan to which you want to add Chat Folder Links.

On this page, you'll want to locate the 'Folder Links' button.

On the following screen, you'll find a list of all existing folder links (if any) for this plan. To add a new folder link, simply click the 'Add new' button.

The bot will prompt you to give a name to your folder link. This name will be used to identify the link later. Enter a descriptive name of your choice.

Paragraph: Now, it's time to enter the link to your folder. This link should lead to the Chat Folder you created earlier.

With the link entered, your Chat Folder setup in TGmembership is ready to go. Now, TGmembership will efficiently manage the distribution of your Chat Folder link. Instead of sending individual links to each channel, the bot will send a single Chat Folder link to your users. This streamlined approach enables users to join multiple channels with just one click, enhancing their experience with your Telegram community or business.

It's essential to remember that even when using a Chat Folder link, the TGmembership bot must maintain administrative privileges in each channel within the folder. Without these administrative rights, the bot won't have the necessary control to manage member access effectively and enforce membership payment requirements.

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