1.29 - 26 Dec '22


  • Added first/last page to the pagination menus as an addition to the previous/next buttons that were already in place.

  • Added support for MEMO / Tag networks in CryptoNoKYC.

  • Added support for 3 new coins in CryptoNoKYC: EGLD (MultiversX, formerly Elrond), TON (The Open Network) and TRX (TRC20 tokens are available for a while, but not TRX itself, until now).

  • Added an option to manually approve join requests. By default your bots will automatically approve requests from active members. Some of our partners have requested to do this manually - it's now possible.

  • Added an option to pause selling new memberships*. This can be useful when you want to take a break. You can pause either until a specific date/time or until you resume it manually. *This will not affect members with existing recurring subscriptions.


  • Added an optional "user_id" parameter to the /getSubscribers API method - using it will retrieve a specific user instead of all.

  • In case there are multiple Stripe webhooks pointing to a single endpoint, TGmembership will automatically delete any unnecessary ones.

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