Adaptive AI Learning

Adaptive AI Learning brings a ground-breaking shift to bot management, empowering admins to refine their bot's knowledge base using AI. Here's how it works:

During customer chats, the bot's AI analyses user questions and admin replies to create new Q&A pairs. Currently, this only works when admins chat with customers. The process is optional and can be turned on or off. But for those who use it, there are big benefits.

Adaptive AI Learning helps admins save time by automating knowledge base updates. Instead of manually adding every Q&A pair, admins can chat normally with customers and let the bot learn from these interactions. It reduces the need for admins to provide new Q&A pairs. The bot learns from real chats, making the knowledge base more accurate and customer-friendly. But, there's a trade-off. Long chats and messages may use up more credits, affecting the bot's balance. So admins should use this feature wisely.

In summary, Adaptive AI Learning is a game-changer for bot management. It helps admins improve their bot's performance and provide better customer service.

To turn on this feature, go to your bot's settings and enable Adaptive AI Learning under Built-In Support.

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