1.19 - 14 Dec '21


  • Added option to transfer databases from other membership bot services. If you use another service provider that allows you to download your data (in the form of a .xlsx or .csv file, for example), you can forward this file to your own bot and it will automatically transfer all the necessary information. If you are having difficulty or are using a service provider that is not supported by us yet, please contact our technical support to discuss options.

  • When you select a default language for your bot, you will now be able to see the percentage of translated phrases.

  • An option has been added that allows you to force your users to provide email before use your service. The option is off by default.

  • An option to set "Quiet Hours" has been added - during these times all messages sent by your bot will be silent (users will receive notifications, but their devices will not make sound).


  • Greetings that the bot sends when someone joins a group can now be sent via personal messages. Channels are supported too.

  • When you use the built-in support tool, the bot will now tell you whether the person who sent the message has an active membership or not.

  • Bots will now send more renewal reminders when needed. Your subscribers will receive them daily when there are 3 or less days until the end of their subscription.

  • When you use /dismember, the bot will ask you to confirm that you really want to deactivate this person's membership.

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