1.38 - 23 Sep' 23


  • Added /paymentMethods GET API method to conveniently view the payment methods that are already installed in your bot.

  • Enhanced Order Creation with API: Unlock new possibilities for integration with your websites or apps using the POST /order API. Seamlessly create orders from external sources, enhancing the flexibility and accessibility of your services.

  • Accept Russian Cards with YooKassa. Now, you can expand your payment capabilities and cater to a broader audience by accepting Russian card payments with ease.


  • Improved Built-In Support: Enjoy more effective communication with your users. When users reply to your bot's messages, the bot will now forward the original message to you and send the user's message as a reply to it. This streamlines conversations, allowing you to see the context of user responses.

  • Enhanced Affiliate Insights: Gain valuable insights into your subscribers' referral sources with the new "referred_by" property in the /getSubscribers API method. This feature allows you to track which affiliate link brought a user to your content, provided you have the affiliate add-on installed and the user joined via an affiliate link.

  • Expanded Recurring Billing with Authorize.Net: Unlock the convenience of automatic recurring subscriptions with Authorize.Net.

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