1.6 - 23 Feb '21


  • The Broadcast option supports selecting a list of participants. The options are: members, non-members or everyone who has ever interacted with your bot.

  • Supported currencies are paged to avoid filling the screen with too many buttons.

  • Two new payment providers have been added: Flutterwave and Coinbase (crypto payments).

  • Added support for 55 new currencies and 6 cryptocurrencies. They are: United Arab Emirates Dirham, Afghan Afghani, Albanian Lek, Armenian Dram, Argentine Peso, Azerbaijani Manat, Bosnia & Herzegovina Convertible Mark, Bangladeshi Taka, Brunei Dollar, Bolivian Boliviano, Chilean Peso, Colombian Peso, Costa Rican Colón, Dominican Peso, Algerian Dinar, Egyptian Pound, Georgian Lari, Guatemalan Quetzal, Honduran Lempira, Jamaican Dollar, Kenyan Shilling, Kyrgyzstani Som, Kazakhstani Tenge, Lebanese Pound, Sri Lankan Rupee, Moroccan Dirham, Moldovan Leu, Mongolian Tögrög, Mauritian Rupee, Maldivian Rufiyaa, Mozambican Metical, Nigerian Naira, Nicaraguan Córdoba, Nepalese Rupee, Panamanian Balboa, Peruvian Nuevo Sol, Pakistani Rupee, Paraguayan Guaraní, Qatari Riyal, Serbian Dinar, Saudi Riyal, Tajikistani Somoni, Trinidad and Tobago Dollar, New Taiwan Dollar, Tanzanian Shilling, Ukrainian Hryvnia, Ugandan Shilling, Uruguayan Peso, Uzbekistani Som, Vietnamese Đồng, Yemeni Rial, Burundian Franc, Ghanaian Cedi, Gambian dalasi, Guinean Franc, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dai, Ethereum, Litecoin, USD Coin.


  • Big part of the code has been rewritten to increase the response speed of your bots.

  • Improved logic when adding groups with the option for anonymous administrators enabled. You no longer need to forward a message from the group to the bot.


  • Fixed an issue where some time zones could not be selected.

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