Find out which languages are supported by TGmembership, including English, Arabic, German, and more. Learn how to use our translation platform to help us expand to even more languages.

At TGmembership, we believe in making our platform accessible to users all around the world. That's why we have made it available in multiple languages. The languages currently supported by TGmembership are:

  1. English (default)

  2. Arabic

  3. Bulgarian

  4. Danish

  5. German

  6. Spanish

  7. Persian

  8. French

  9. Hebrew

  10. Italian

  11. Korean

  12. Burmese

  13. Dutch

  14. Brazilian Portugese

  15. Russian

  16. Turkish

  17. Ukranian

  18. Vietnamese

We understand that there may be users who speak languages that are not currently supported by TGmembership. That's why we have created a translation platform where everyone can contribute to the translation of TGmembership into other languages. You can recommend changes to the existing language phrases or even translate TGmembership into languages that are not currently supported. Visit to learn more and contribute to the translation efforts.

We are committed to making TGmembership as accessible as possible to all users, and we appreciate your contributions in helping us achieve this goal.

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