Delete a plan

Learn how to avoid disruptions to your memberships in TGmembership by disabling plans instead of deleting them.

In the early days of TGmembership, it was possible to delete plans. However, we later removed this option for compatibility reasons. Although disabling a plan achieves the same result from a user's perspective (they won't see it unless re-enabled), there is a difference for admins. If a plan is disabled, it still appears in the /plans menu, but can be hidden with a single click.

One of the main reasons for removing the delete option was to avoid issues with recurring payments. Suppose a user purchases "Plan A" and sets up a recurring payment for it via PayPal, Stripe, or another payment processor that supports recurring payments. The payment processor will charge the user on a monthly basis (or at the frequency specified by the plan). When the TGmembership bot verifies the payment and checks the subscription plan, it extends the expiration date by another month. If the plan is deleted, the bot wouldn't be able to extend the user's membership, leading to their removal from your chats despite having paid. The same could happen with pending orders: if someone places an order and makes a payment a few hours later, but you delete the plan in the meantime, the user will have been charged but won't be able to activate their membership.

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