1.2 - 03 Jan '21


  • Added command /refund - use it to refund a customer within 7 days of payment.

  • The /export_clients_list plugin is now multilingual. The data in it will be displayed per the language set by the administrator. The results are sorted by the expiry date, in ascending order. The amounts paid by your customers will be displayed even after deleting the plan used by them (in the previous version of the plugin if you delete a plan that the customer used to register, the amount is displayed as €0.00).


  • You will receive a notification for each member who starts your bot for the first time. If you don't want to receive such messages, you can stop them from the settings.

  • We have started a huge reconstruction in the core and database of TGmembership. Speed, performance and resource consumption have improved by an average of between 10% and 35%. This is a huge change that cannot be completed in a few days - the work will continue in the next version as well.

  • All join buttons have been updated. The new format is more reliable and secure, whilst your customers should not feel any difference.

  • When you use the /dismember command, the bot will remove the member from all channels and send him a message that his membership has been terminated manually by an administrator.

  • The messages you receive when a new customer buys a membership are improved.

  • The "Coupon" button won't be displayed for zero-priced plans (free / trial plans).

  • The /custom_commands plugin has been improved, as well as few bugs related to it.

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