Recurring Subscriptions

Learn how recurring subscriptions work for admins

A recurring subscription is a payment model where customers are charged on a regular basis, usually monthly or annually, for access to a product or service. Once a customer signs up for a recurring subscription, they will be automatically billed on a regular basis until they cancel the subscription. Recurring subscriptions can be a convenient way for customers to access a product or service on an ongoing basis, while also providing businesses with a steady revenue stream.

Switching Recurring Subscription Plans

It's not possible to switch your users automatically from one recurring subscription to another. Recurring subscriptions are a mutual agreement between you and your users. You can't change the contract on your own. You'll have to cancel existing subscriptions and have users purchase a new one using the new plan you've created in your bot.

Cancellation of Recurring Subscriptions

As an administrator, you can cancel a user's recurring subscription at any time. Alternatively, the user can also cancel their own subscription. Additionally, the bot may automatically cancel a subscription if a payment fails due to reasons such as an expired card or insufficient funds.

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