1.40 - 20 Jan '24

We are excited to announce the latest and most significant update to TGmembership - version 1.40!


  • Projects: Merge various branches of your business into a single bot! No more creating separate bots for different services.
  • Shorter Duration Plans: Create plans with durations shorter than a day.
  • Force Join: Introduce a "Force Join" feature. Users must now join your free chat(s) before engaging with your bot.
  • Message Delivery Confirmation: Built-in support now provides delivery confirmations. The bot reacts with a thumbs-up to indicate successful message delivery.
  • Exclusive Support for Paying Customers: You can restrict built-in support to paying members only. Non-subscribers will be prompted to subscribe before accessing support.
  • Start Message Conditions: Use conditions for your start message. For example, customize it based on the user's membership status for a more dynamic and precise welcoming.
  • Waiting List: Implement a waiting list for users when your bot/plan/project reaches maximum capacity. Users automatically receive notifications when spots become available.
  • New Premium Add-On - Forms Builder: Introducing a powerful /forms add-on - create custom forms for collecting user information. Collect names, emails, shipping addresses, and more.
  • Renewal Reminder Control: Opt to disable renewal reminders if you prefer not to notify users about upcoming renewals.
  • Added Swedish language.


  • Membership Expiry Time Update: Say goodbye to the standardized 23:59:59 (UTC) expiry time! Now, each membership's expiration time corresponds to its initiation time, offering more precision.
  • Enhanced /membershipstatus: Users will now see the exact date/time when their subscription will be renewed.
  • Broadcast Logic Overhaul: Experience a more stable and reliable broadcasting system, regardless of the frequency of broadcasting.
  • Broadcast {DATE} Placeholder: Broadcasts now support {DATE} placeholders for dynamic, date/time-specific messaging.
  • Automated Command List Updates: Command lists now automatically update when changing the bot's default language.
  • Coupons For Specific Users: Limit coupon use to specific users by specifying their IDs, ensuring exclusive access.
  • Emails to Webhooks: Webhooks now include email addresses of users, where available.
  • Paystack Sandbox Support: Test your Paystack integrations with sandbox/test accounts.
  • API Order Creating: POST /order API method now returns a unique "order_key" for easy order identification.
  • Advanced Custom Commands Update: Advanced custom commands now recognize callback actions too.
  • Under the Hood: Numerous other under-the-hood changes contribute to the overall stability and performance of TGmembership.
A sincere thank you for your continuous feedback and suggestions - your insights drive these transformative updates! Dive into the future of bot management with TGmembership 1.40. 🚀