Access Token Abuse

Learn about access token misuse in TGmembership. Understand the consequences & how to avoid suspension of your bot's access token feature.

Hi! It looks like your bot may have violated our policies by misusing access tokens. We've temporarily restricted your access to this feature. To restore access, please upgrade your subscription plan. Check out our help center article for more information.

Have you received a message like this? Don't worry, we're here to help you understand what happened.

Here's how it works: Access tokens are intended for settling offline payments or granting free access to specific users, such as for giveaways. We offer access tokens in all of our plans. Since they don't accumulate any commission for us, we need to make sure they're not being abused to avoid paying fees.

It's against our terms of service for bots to intentionally avoid paying fees by using access tokens to grant access without going through the integrated payment processors provided by TGmembership. Unlike other service providers that offer access tokens only as part of plans with a fixed monthly fee, TGmembership offers access tokens in all plans, including percentage-based plans, with the only requirement being their reasonable use.

Our system constantly monitors the use of access tokens to prevent misuse of this feature. If it detects that your bot is using access tokens as the primary means of settling payments instead of using real payments as intended, and intentionally avoiding our integrated payment processors to avoid paying fees, then we may suspend the access tokens feature.

Note that your bot will continue to accept real payments as usual. The only thing that will change is that access tokens won't be able to be created or used.

How can I resolve this?

You have a couple of options to address the issue. One option is to increase the number of real payments your bot accepts to balance out the use of access tokens. Another option is to upgrade your plan. Our monitoring system only applies to bots on the percentage-based plan. If your bot switches to a plan with a fixed monthly fee, or it's included in a bundle with one, the limitations described in this article will no longer apply.

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