1.43 - 09 May '24


  • /egoods Add-On: Transform your Telegram bot into a comprehensive e-commerce platform. Seamlessly manage product listings, orders, and payments.

  • Broadcast to Users with Pending Orders: Reach out to users who have placed orders but haven't completed payment yet, enhancing engagement and conversion opportunities.

  • Added Hungarian Language: Expand your reach with support for Hungarian, providing a more inclusive experience for users.

  • Support for 3 new CryptoNoKYC networks: BASE, OP, and BCH.

  • Added counter for the number of active subscriptions for each recurring plan in the /plans -> Edit menu.

  • Added {IS_NEWCOMER} placeholder - dynamic condition identifies if a user is a newcomer to your bot. If true, they've never subscribed before; if false, the user had previously been subscribed to your bot.


  • Delete, reorder, and rename projects for better organization and management.

  • Delete forms within the /forms add-on

  • Various under-the-hood enhancements and bug fixes to ensure smoother performance and reliability.

Thank you for your continued support and feedback. Enjoy the enhanced capabilities of TGmembership version 1.43! 🚀

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