1.10 -28 Mar '21


  • Added /membershipstatus command, from where your customers can renew or cancel their memberships.

  • An option has been added to delete your bots from the TGmembership system, as long as the amount due by them is €0

  • Added an option to limit the maximum number of customers that your bot accepts. If the limit is reached, the /subscribe command will be deactivated and no new customers will be accepted.

  • Messages sent to the bot that are not recognised as commands will be sent as a private message to the administrators. In previous versions, this was only possible for support groups. This setting can be disabled from the settings if you don't want to use it.

  • Added the ability to unset a support group.

  • Two new file formats have been added when exporting the client list. They are .csv and .html. .Csv will be used by default, but you have the option to choose a different one if you prefer.

  • Added an option to automatically send a message to people who have messaged your bot but haven't purchased a membership in the next 24 hours. The message is entered by you, it can be whatever you want. This option is off by default, but can be enabled from the settings.

  • Dutch translation added.


  • The coupon button won't be displayed if the bot doesn't have any coupons created.

  • The chat type (group/channel) will be displayed to users when using the /join command.

  • /broadcast messages can now be personalised. You can use {USER_FULL_NAME}, {USER_ID} and {USER_LINK} when you broadcast.

  • The logic for forwarding messages from/to an administrator/support group has been improved. Rich-Text-Formatting is better recognised and correctly processed.

  • Support groups won't be displayed in the /delchat list.

  • You can use any type of message (including audio, video, images, etc.) for your start messages.

  • You can use any type of message (including audio, video, images, etc.) for your greetings (when someone joins a group chat).

  • The Billing module has been updated. Bills for your bots will be sent on the 1st of each month, instead of the first Monday of the month.

  • Communication with PayPal's servers and the processing of orders paid through their site have been improved.

  • The bots will automatically hide some commands from the /help menu if the user doesn't have access to them. For example, /membershipstatus is a command that allow your members to renew or cancel their memberships. It won't be shown to people who don't have an active membership - they won't be able to use it anyway.

  • Customers who have purchased a recurring plan won't be able to use the /subscribe command - their memberships are automatically renewed by PayPal/Stripe.

  • When deleting a payment gateway, related pending orders will be deleted along with it.

  • When paying with PayPal/Stripe, your bots will try to collect customer email addresses. They will be presented to you in export_clients_list

  • When creating a new plan, the recurring button will only be displayed if there is at least one payment gateway that supports recurring payments.

  • When your customers use the /subscribe command, the bot will display a list of all chats that the customer will have access to after a successful payment.

  • Trial plans will be hidden from the list of active plans for people who have already used one.

  • When creating a trial plan, the won't ask you to choose a currency.

  • Custom commands have been improved - they now support all types of messages and recognise Rich-Text-Formatting.


  • Fixed an issue that caused some expired plans to appear in the list of plans that your customers can purchase.


  • The message "Join my news channel" has been removed from the start message (command /start).

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