Create and Restore Backups

TGmembership takes data security seriously by automatically backing up your valuable data on an external server. These automated backups provide peace of mind, ensuring your data is safely preserved. In addition to automatic backups, TGmembership offers an essential tool - the /backup command. With this simple command, you can create a manual backup, capturing a snapshot of your bot's database at a specific time, especially before implementing significant changes. It's crucial to highlight that all backups, both manual and automatic, are encrypted with unique encryption keys, ensuring the highest level of data privacy. No one, not even the bot owner or our support team, can read the encrypted data. Only the bot itself can decrypt this data, providing you with the utmost security and control over your information.

Creating Manual Backups

Type /backup in Your TGmembership Bot. Once the backup process is complete, the bot sends you the encrypted backup archive directly.

Restoring Data from Manual Backups

To restore your data from the manual backup, simply send the encrypted backup archive file to your TGmembership bot. The bot will handle the rest, decrypting and restoring your data from the specific snapshot you created.

It is essential to keep the encrypted backup archive file unchanged in any way. Modifying the archive's name, file type, content, or any other aspect will corrupt the file, and the bot will be unable to import it successfully. Maintaining the original encrypted backup ensures a smooth and error-free restoration process.

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