1.14 - 16 Jul '21


  • Added an option to create multiple access tokens at once, view all existing tokens (including already used ones) and delete those that are not used.

  • You can now choose which chats are available for certain subscription plans. Each plan can give your customers access to different chats.


  • Administrators can now see all their affiliates by name, as well as the revenue and commission they have accrued from their consumers. You can now quickly and easily track exactly how effective your affiliate program is.

  • /addmember is only available if your bot has a subscription plan selected, is not in test mode, and has at least one payment method available.

  • The notifications that administrators receive when a new payment is received have been improved. The message now indicates whether the customer is renewing an existing subscription or purchasing a new one, which payment method has been used and who has invited them (if any).

  • The commands that appear in the bot menu have been improved. They will be displayed in the language used by Telegram itself (unless the user has explicitly chosen a different one). Let's say your bot uses English by default - If the user who messages you use Telegram in German, the bot will also use German.

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