Discover how to enable and manage donations for your membership business.

We understand that running a successful membership service requires dedication and the ability to provide value to your users. However, we also recognize that some users may wish to go the extra mile and show their appreciation by making voluntary contributions or tips. With our /donate command, you can easily integrate a donation feature into your business, allowing your users to support you beyond their regular membership fees. This help article will guide you through the setup and management of donations, empowering you to foster a supportive and rewarding relationship with your user base.

To set up the donation feature for your paid membership business, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Open the /settings menu of your bot and navigate to 'Project Settings'.

  2. Within the 'Project Settings' menu, locate and select 'Accept Donations'.

  3. Enable the 'Accept Donations' option by ensuring there is a green tick next to it. Additionally, specify your 'Preferred Currency' for accepting donations. This allows your users to contribute in the currency of your choice. You can also take advantage of the 'Suggested Amounts' feature by defining predefined donation amounts. These amounts will be presented to your users as clickable buttons, making it easier for them to contribute.

  4. Congratulations! With the above steps completed, a new /donate command will be available in your bot, as well as a new 'Donate' button will be displayed alongside your subscription plans. Your users can now utilize this feature to make donations or tips, supporting your business.

Suggested Amounts

When you access the submenu, you will find several buttons available:

  • All the amounts you have already added will be displayed (if any), representing the predefined donation buttons.

  • You will also see an 'Add' button, allowing you to include additional buttons. You have the flexibility to add up to 5 buttons, giving users more donation amount options.

  • If you wish to remove all existing buttons and start fresh, there is a 'Clear' button provided. Clicking on this button will delete all the currently configured buttons.

Donation Process for Users

When users start using your bot, they will notice an additional 'Donate' button alongside the subscription plans. This button serves as one of the ways to access the donate module, enabling users to make voluntary contributions. Alternatively, users can also launch the donate module by typing the '/donate' command or selecting it from the bot menu.

Upon opening the donate module, users will be presented with a set of buttons containing predefined amounts (if configured). To make a donation, users can simply click on any of these buttons to select the desired amount. However, if they prefer to contribute a different amount, they also have the flexibility to manually enter a custom donation amount.

After entering the donation amount, users will be presented with a list of payment methods from which they can choose. Note that if your bot has only one payment method set, the list will not be displayed. Then, an order will be automatically created for the donation, and the payment details will be provided to the users accordingly. This streamlined process ensures a seamless donation experience for your users, allowing them to contribute effortlessly and securely.

The donation feature adds an extra dimension to your paid membership business, enabling your users to show their support and appreciation through voluntary contributions. By following the setup instructions and familiarizing yourself with the donation process, you can create a vibrant and engaged community where users have the opportunity to contribute beyond their regular subscriptions. Embrace the power of donations and strengthen the bond with your user base, fostering a rewarding and mutually beneficial relationship.

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