1.35 - 28 May '23


  • Introducing 'Suggested Donation Amounts': We have added convenient buttons with predefined amounts to the /donate command. When users launch the command, they will see quick buttons, such as $5, $10, $20, and more. You have the flexibility to define up to 5 buttons. This feature makes it effortless for your users to donate by simply clicking on the button. However, users can still enter custom amounts if they prefer to donate more or less than the predefined buttons.

  • Enhanced Coupons: We have introduced new options in the coupons menu. Now you can create coupons exclusively for (users who have never had membership before), limit them to single use only (users cannot reuse the same coupon), or make them available for churned members (users who previously had membership but are not currently members).

  • Filters for the Built-in Support Module: We have added filters to the built-in support module. You now have the ability to choose the types of messages you wish to receive. For example, you can select to receive text messages or media while blocking locations, contacts, files, and more.

  • Crypto Payout Option for Affiliates: We have introduced a new option that allows affiliates to request payouts via cryptocurrency. It's important to note that the bot does not store your private keys or hold any funds on your behalf. Therefore, automatic processing of payouts is not possible. Instead, the bot will prompt the affiliate to enter their desired coin or token, network, and address for commission payment. As always, admins will receive a notification regarding this request and will have the option to approve, reject, or cancel it.

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