Suspended bot

Learn why your bot may be suspended and how to reactivate it.

If you're trying to use a suspended bot and have questions or concerns, please note that TGmembership is only responsible for managing the bot on behalf of its owner. For issues regarding access, refunds, or general questions, please contact the bot owner directly. Our support team is unable to assist with these matters.

For bot owners only: please read below.

Is your bot suddenly unresponsive and showing a message that it's been suspended? The most common reason is unpaid bills. TGmembership doesn't automatically charge users, so if payment isn't received promptly, your bot may be suspended. You have 5 days to pay your bill from the day it's issued. While your bot is suspended, it won't perform any activities, including processing payments and adding/removing users from chats.

To reactivate your bot, simply pay the amount due. Once your payment is confirmed (which may take a few minutes depending on the payment provider), your bot will be automatically reactivated. Click on the 'Activate your bot' button and follow the instructions, or launch @TGmembership_Bot, type /mybots, select your bot, and pay the bill. Prompt payment ensures uninterrupted service.

Please note that any bots that remain suspended for 90+ days will be permanently deleted, along with all their data, in accordance with our terms of service. It's important to keep your payments up to date to avoid losing your bot and its data.

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