Grow your subscription business with a built-in affiliate program for your Telegram bot

Say goodbye to expensive and underperforming PPC campaigns! With TGmembership's built-in affiliate program, you can promote your business without breaking the bank. Harness the power of your existing members and turn them into advocates for your brand. Reward them with commissions for every new customer they bring to your business. Affiliate marketing is a proven and popular approach because you only pay for results..

Enable the affiliate program for your Telegram bot

The affiliate add-on for your Telegram bot will prompt you to set the commission rate for your affiliates when you activate it for the first time. You will be asked to enter the commission rate for new service orders, as well as the commission rate for renewals. It is possible to set a 0% commission rate if you do not wish to pay a commission. If you prefer to compensate affiliates only for new customers, you can enter a commission rate of, for example, 20% for new customers and 0% for renewals. In this way, they will only receive a percentage from people who have not subscribed to your service before.

By participating in your affiliate program, each affiliate receives a unique link that they can use to promote your service. When consumers pay, their affiliates will take a cut from the sales. Their commission depends on the type of order and the percentage you have set during the setup. If one consumer is invited more than once by different affiliates, your bot will remember the last link used.

Define a minimum payout limit

The minimum payout limit is the amount that your affiliates have to reach to be eligible for payouts. Their balance is rolled over to the next month until they meet this minimum threshold. By default, the limit is 50,00 €. You can use the affiliate menu to change both the amount and the currency.

Define a due period

The due period is the period during which the commission will be on hold. The commission from the orders will be automatically added to the balance of your affiliates when this period ends. By default, it is 45 days, but you can change it from the menu if you wish.Having a too short due period is not recommended. Allow some time for disputes and refunds, if any.

Select payout methods

Choose the payment methods by which you will pay out commissions to your affiliates. You have several options to select from when it comes to commission payouts. If you already use PayPal to accept payments from your customers, you can choose it as a payment method. Additionally, we offer the flexibility to accommodate payouts via cryptocurrency. Affiliates can request to receive their commissions in their preferred crypto coin or token. It's important to note that the bot does not hold your private keys or any funds on your behalf. As a result, automatic processing of payouts is not possible. If admins decide to approve a payout request, they will need to manually process it. Furthermore, we have an internal credit option available, which enables you to offer affiliates a free subscription to your service instead of monetary payouts. Feel free to choose the payment method(s) that best suit your needs and preferences.

Requesting a payout

When accessing the /affiliate module, affiliates will now notice a new addition—the 'Request a payout' button. This button will only appear if the affiliate has met both the minimum payout limit and the commission due period requirements.

After clicking on the 'Request a payout' button, affiliates will be prompted to select their preferred method of receiving their commission. In this example, let's consider the option of 'Crypto' payout. Affiliates can choose the cryptocurrency of their choice and provide the necessary details such as the specific coin or token, the network, and the payout address. It's important to note that the bot does not hold their private keys or funds; instead, it facilitates the process by gathering the required information.

Paying out the commission

Once an affiliate submits a payout request, the bot immediately sends a notification to the admins. Admins will have three options to choose from in response to the request: approve, reject, or cancel.

  • By clicking on the "approve" button, you will confirm the payout, but whether the funds will be automatically sent to the affiliate depends on the payment method selected. PayPal payouts are currently the only ones that are processed automatically. For any other method, the affiliate commission will be reset to 0 upon approval, and the payout must be processed manually by the admin.

  • If you click on the "Reject" button, the payout request will be declined. This means that the affiliate won't receive any payment, and the commission earned will not be transferred to them.

  • Cancel - By clicking on this button, the payout request will be cancelled. The commission earned will remain in the affiliate's balance, and they can request a payout again at a later time. This option is useful when, for instance, you cannot pay the commission at the moment but don't want to reject the request entirely.

In the event of a payout request, if you, as an admin, need to contact the affiliate to discuss the request further, you can simply reply to the notification message. The bot will handle the forwarding of your reply directly to the affiliate. This streamlined communication process ensures efficient and direct correspondence between admins and affiliates, facilitating any necessary discussions or clarifications related to the payout request.

Use of internal credit for payment

Your Telegram bot provides an option for affiliates to use their earned credit balance to complete subscription plan orders. If the affiliate has sufficient credit, the bot will display an additional button to use their credit balance to pay for the subscription plan. The credit balance amount will be shown in the currency of the selected plan, even if the balance is in a different currency. For instance, if the balance is in EUR, but the plan is in USD, the balance will be displayed in USD.

To incentivize affiliates to use their credit balance, you can create subscription plans that can only be purchased using bot credit. For example, if your standard plan costs $20, you can introduce a new plan worth $15 that is exclusively available for credit payments.

TGmembership offers affiliates the ability to create custom links, providing them with more control and flexibility in their affiliate marketing efforts. Instead of using generic referral links, affiliates can now personalize their links by incorporating their preferred keywords or relevant identifiers. Custom links allow affiliates to add their unique touch and promote their affiliate offers in a way that resonates with their audience.

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