Learn how to send messages to a large group of Telegram users with TGmembership's broadcast feature. Efficiently promote your business or send important announcements.

The broadcast feature in Telegram allows you to send a message to multiple recipients at once. This is useful when you want to reach out to a large group of people with the same message, such as sending out a newsletter or an announcement.

With TGmembership, you can easily send messages to a pre-defined list of contacts using the broadcast feature, allowing you to quickly reach a targeted audience. When you send a message to the broadcast list, it will be delivered to all the contacts in the list individually, and they will see the message as if it was sent only to them.

Note that the recipients of the broadcast message will not be able to see the other recipients, so it maintains their privacy. To receive broadcast messages, recipients need to interact with your bot at least once, giving it permission to send messages to them.

Get Started

First thing you need to do is to send /broadcast to your own bot.

The next step is to enter the message you want to send. If it's a text message, simply type it out. If you want to send a file such as audio, video, or document, you can attach it to the broadcast message. Additionally, you can use the caption field to add a text message alongside the file.

You can use placeholders like {USER_ID}, {USER_FULL_NAME} or {USER_LINK} to personalize the message. TGmembership will replace those with the corresponding information before sending it to the user. For example, If your message is "Hi, {USER_FULL_NAME}!", the bot will send "Hi, Michael!" or "Hi, John!"

Select an audience

The bot will provide you with a preview of the message, allowing you to see how it will look before sending it to the selected audience.

By default, the broadcast will be sent to everyone who has interacted with your bot before. However, you can choose a different audience by clicking the corresponding button.

The available lists include:

  • Everyone: all users who have ever interacted with your bot;

  • Members Only: users who have an active membership at the time of the broadcast;

  • Non-Members: users who don't have an active membership at the time of the broadcast;

  • Churned Only: users who have had memberships in the past but don't currently hold one;

  • Never Had Membership: users who have never subscribed to your service before (including trials);

  • Trial Members Only: users with active trial memberships.

  • Affiliates Only: users registered as affiliates.

  • Invitees Only: users invited by an affiliate.

  • Newly Joined Members: users who have successfully paid for a membership within the last 24 hours.

  • Users With Pending Orders: users who have placed orders but haven't completed payment yet.

You can select your preferred audience for the broadcast and then choose to send it immediately by clicking "Send", or save it for later by clicking "Save for later". If you change your mind and don't want to send the message, simply click "Cancel".

Save for later

When you click the "Save for later" button, a unique ID is generated for your broadcast, which you can use at a later time. Simply send a single-line command to your bot to trigger the sending. This is a great feature to use in conjunction with Telegram's Scheduled Messages if you want to schedule your broadcast for a specific date and time.

Sending broadcast

Once you send the broadcast, TGmembership will estimate how long it will take to deliver the message and how many recipients there are. To prevent exceeding Telegram's rate limits, TGmembership will send the broadcast message gradually over time, intentionally slowing down the process. It's important to note that the delivery time will increase with the size of the audience. For small bots, delivery may only take a few seconds, while medium bots may take a few minutes. For large bots with hundreds of thousands of users, delivery may take a few hours. The estimated delivery time provided by TGmembership takes into account factors such as server/network congestion and the number of recipients, but actual delivery time may vary.

After the broadcast is fully delivered, you will receive a confirmation along with a report indicating how long it took and the number of users who received the message. Keep in mind that the number of users who received the message may be lower than the initial count shown to you. This can be due to various reasons such as users deleting their accounts, being inactive for a long time and their account being deleted by Telegram, or blocking your bot.

What message types can I send?

You can send various types of messages to your audience, including text, photos, videos, documents, and more.

Do you somehow limit the use of the broadcast feature?

We do not impose any restrictions or limitations on the broadcast feature, but we recommend using it reasonably. Overuse of this feature may not be on our end, but Telegram may end up limiting your bot.

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