1.33 - 16 May '23


  • Webhooks: You can now set up webhooks to receive real-time updates for events in your bot.

  • New API method /webhook: Add or delete webhooks for your bot easily.

  • Access Token Pricing: By default, access tokens are zero-priced in your bot's database. We have added an option to make them inherit the price of the original plan, which can be useful for affiliate commissions and analytics reporting.


  • /addMember API method: Updated to support POST requests. The previous support for GET requests will likely be removed in the future. Admins are advised to update their code accordingly.

  • /membershipstatus: Now displays the subscribed plan of the user.

  • Built-in Support: Provides membership status, subscribed plan, and time remaining until membership expiration for users who send messages through the bot.

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