How to Join Chats

Learn how to join premium channels and groups managed by TGmembership. Get step-by-step instructions on using the /join module and entering chats.

Joining a TGmembership-managed chat (channel or group) requires either a membership or the chat to be marked as free. To begin, open the /join module by clicking the "Join" button or typing /join in the chat. If you've just subscribed and paid for a membership, the bot will automatically attach join buttons underneath your confirmation message.

Clicking on this button will show you all the chats you have access to, including paid chats (if you have an active membership) and/or free chats that are open to everyone. Simply select the chat you would like to join from the list.

After selecting a chat from the list, the bot will generate a button with a unique invite link. Simply click on the button to enter the chat. If you have multiple chats available, you may also see "Previous" and "Next" buttons to quickly switch between them with minimal effort.

That's everything - the chat should now appear in your chats list. You have successfully entered it.


Why can't my users enter chats automatically after paying for TGmembership?

Unfortunately, Telegram's bot platform does not allow bots to add users to groups or channels. As a workaround, our bots generate unique invite links that users can use to join the chat with a single click. We strive to make the process as easy and seamless as possible for our users.

Yes, they can generate as many links as they need while their memberships are active.

No need to worry - our bots have safeguards in place to prevent unauthorized access to your chats. If someone tries to use an unauthorized link to join, the bot will block them and notify you of their attempt, including who created the link and who tried to use it.

How can I approve my users' join requests manually?

If you prefer to manually approve users' requests to join your group or channel, it's easy to switch to manual approval. Simply open the /settings menu of your bot, navigate to Group Management, and select Join Requests. From there, you can choose to switch from automatic approval by the bot to manual approval by any admin of your chats.

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