1.24 - 22 Mar '22


  • Added an option to accept Bitcoin payments without KYC (know your customer). That is, without verification of personal data.

  • Added /bitcoin command, which you can use to configure the Bitcoin payment method.

  • Added an option that can hide certain plans for people who have been invited by affiliates. This way, you can have plans that are visible only to invitees, as well as plans that are visible to everyone except invitees.

  • Added an option that allows you to turn your bot into a private invite-only club (requires an affiliate add-on installed).

  • Added an option to pay bills to TGmembership using Bitcoin Lightning Network. We are working hard with our partners to add this option to your bots as well.

  • A new table has been added to the /analytics add-on, which shows the revenue for a certain period of time for each plan separately.

  • Added an option to select the preferred currency in which to display the analysis.

  • Korean language added


  • Payment methods that do not support recurring payments (automatic renewals) are displayed even when a recurring plan is selected.

  • The "Best Selling Plans" chart in the /analytics add-on no longer includes orders completed with access tokens.

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