1.0 - The first stable version of TGmembership - 21 Dec '20


  • Add multiple Telegram channels and groups for TGmembership to manage on your behalf.

  • Download a copy of your bot's database. All archives are encrypted.

  • Ban/unban a user you do not want to use your service.

  • Broadcast to your existing members. Only text messages are currently supported.

  • Add your own commands to TGmembership. Customise your members' experience.

  • Export a list of all your clients in Excel format with the command /export_clients_list

  • Bulgarian language support has been added. You can change the bot language from the settings.

  • Create your own flexible plans. Choose a name, duration, price and currency of your choice.

  • You can add members to your bot's database without having them to pay with Access Tokens.

  • Added support for GumRoad payments for those who don't want to use the options built into TGmembership.

And much, much more.

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