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Empower your bot with coupon capabilities to drive engagement, reward loyalty, and boost conversions.
As a business owner or administrator, offering discounts and special promotions can be an effective way to attract new customers or reward loyal ones. In this help article, we will walk you through the coupon feature and how you can utilize it to create enticing offers within your bot. Whether you want to provide limited-time discounts, exclusive deals, or referral incentives, coupons offer a versatile tool to enhance your marketing strategies. Let's get started by exploring how to access this feature and unlock its powerful capabilities. Simply type /coupons in your bot to get started.
Screenshot of the Coupons Module in the Bot Interface
The Coupons module provides a user-friendly interface to create and manage various promotional offers within your bot.

1: Expiration date

The expiration date of a coupon refers to a specific fixed date and time when the coupon offer will no longer be valid. It serves as a deadline for users to take advantage of the discount or promotion associated with the coupon. After the expiration date has passed, the coupon will no longer be usable, and users will not be able to redeem it.

2: Usage limit

feature allows you to set a specific number that limits how many times a coupon can be used. It puts a cap on the total number of redemptions for a particular coupon. Once the coupon has been used the specified number of times, it will no longer be available for others to utilize. This helps you control the distribution and availability of the coupon, ensuring that it is only redeemed by the intended number of users. By setting a limit, you can create a sense of exclusivity or manage the budgetary impact of the coupon offer.
Important clarification: The "limited usage" feature takes into account not only the coupons that have been redeemed but also considers pending orders. Pending orders are those that have been placed but are not yet paid or have expired. The system is designed to automatically delete unpaid orders that have been pending for more than 7 days. This means that even if a coupon has reached its maximum number of uses, there is a possibility for it to be re-activated automatically if some unpaid orders are later deleted. The system ensures a fair and dynamic allocation of coupon usage, allowing for potential re-activation based on the availability of unpaid orders within the specified time frame.

3 & 4: Minimum & maximum spend

These options allow you to establish specific spending thresholds for the coupon to be applicable. By setting a minimum amount, customers must spend at least that specified value for the coupon to be valid and applied to their order. On the other hand, the maximum amount sets an upper limit, ensuring that the coupon can only be used for orders that fall below or equal to the defined maximum amount. This feature helps you customize the coupon's eligibility criteria based on desired spending ranges.

5: Apply automatically

This option provides a convenient setting for your coupon. When enabled, the coupon will be automatically applied to eligible orders without the need for users to enter it manually. This means that once the conditions for the coupon are met, such as reaching the minimum spending amount, the discount or promotion associated with the coupon will be automatically reflected in the final order total. On the other hand, if the "apply automatically" option is disabled, users will need to enter the coupon code manually during the checkout process to avail themselves of the coupon benefits. This option gives you flexibility in deciding whether the coupon should be automatically applied or require user input, based on your marketing and user experience preferences.

6: Plans

This option allows you to specify which subscription plans the coupon can be used with. By selecting specific plans, you can determine which users are eligible to redeem the coupon based on their subscription type. This feature provides you with the flexibility to target certain segments of your user base or offer exclusive promotions to specific membership tiers. By associating the coupon with specific plans, you can ensure that the discount or promotion is available only to users who have subscribed to the designated plans, making it a tailored and personalized offering within your bot.

7: Newcomers only

This option allows you to restrict the usage of the coupon to new users who have never had a membership or subscription with your service before. This feature gives you the ability to create special offers or incentives specifically targeted at attracting and welcoming new customers. By limiting the coupon's usage to newcomers only, you can provide an exclusive opportunity for individuals to experience your services at a discounted rate, encouraging them to join your community and explore the benefits of becoming a member.

8: Multi use

By default, coupons have the ability to be used multiple times by each user. This means that users can take advantage of the coupon offer multiple times during its validity period.

8.2. Single use

When the "single use" option is enabled, the coupon is limited to one use per person. This means that each user can only redeem the coupon once, ensuring that the discount or promotion is available to a broader range of users.

8.3. Renewal only

The "renewal only" option restricts the coupon usage to users who currently hold an active membership. This means that the coupon can only be used by individuals who are already subscribed and have an ongoing membership with your service. It incentivizes existing members to renew their subscriptions by providing them with exclusive discounts or benefits.

8.4. Churned only

The "churned only" option targets users who have previously held a membership but are currently not active members. It allows you to offer special promotions or incentives specifically to users who have previously been part of your community but are not currently subscribed. This can serve as a strategy to re-engage lapsed members and encourage them to return.

9: Continue

The "Continue" button is used when you have finished configuring your coupon and are ready to proceed to the next step.

10: Cancel

The "Cancel" button allows you to abort the current process of creating or editing a coupon. If you decide that you no longer wish to proceed with configuring the coupon, clicking the "Cancel" button will discard any changes or selections you have made.

11: Fixed Amount Discount

"Fixed Amount Discount" refers to a type of discount offered by a coupon where a specific amount is deducted from the total price of a purchase. Instead of a percentage-based discount, which reduces the price by a percentage, a fixed amount discount reduces the price by a specific predetermined value. For example, if a coupon provides a fixed amount discount of $10, it means that $10 will be subtracted from the total cost of the order when the coupon is applied.

12: Percentage Discount

"Percentage discount" refers to a type of discount offered by a coupon where a certain percentage is subtracted from the total price of a purchase. It is a popular way to provide savings based on a percentage value rather than a fixed amount. For example, if a coupon offers a 20% discount and the total order amount is $100, applying the coupon would deduct $20 from the total, resulting in a final price of $80. The discount is calculated based on the percentage specified in the coupon. Percentage discounts are versatile as they can be applied to various purchase amounts, allowing users to enjoy savings proportional to the total cost of their order.