Payment Processor Fees

Payment processor fees explained. Learn about the different fees associated with each payment method and how they can impact your business.

When it comes to processing payments through various platforms, it's essential to understand the fees involved. Many users mistakenly associate these fees with TGmembership's charges, but in reality, TGmembership doesn't deduct anything from your earnings unless you choose to transfer it to us. The fees you encounter are typically imposed by the payment processors themselves.

Let's take Stripe, for instance, which charges a processing fee of 2.9% plus $0.30 (though this may vary under certain circumstances). If a user pays you $10, you'll receive $9.41, with the $0.59 difference being Stripe's fee for their service.

Crypto (No KYC)

Now, when it comes to CNK (Crypto No KYC), things can be a bit more intricate. CNK has both a processing fee and a transaction fee. The processing fee is 1% for coins and 1.5% for tokens. You can find a detailed breakdown of these fees in our Crypto No KYC article. The processing fee, in this case, refers to what blockchain miners take for validating transactions.

Consider a scenario where a customer pays you 10 USDT via Tron (TRC20). For tokens, CNK's commission is 1.5%, which means they'll take 0.15 USDT as a processing fee. When you examine the transaction details, you'll notice the Tron network's costs, including Energy and Bandwidth. These costs vary depending on the circumstances.

For example, this transaction required 27.2559 TRX (Tron) to cover the Energy cost. At the current TRX price of $0.084, this equates to 2.2894956 USDT—the processing fee paid to miners for transaction processing. So, from the 10 USDT your customer sent, you should expect to receive around 7.5605044 USDT after accounting for fees.

Customer sends


100 USDT

Transaction fee

2.2894956 USDT

2.2894956 USDT

CryptoNoKYC fee

0.15 USDT

1.5 USDT

TGmembership fee



You receive

7.5605044 USDT

96.2105044 USDT

Other blockchains

If you are looking to reduce your transaction fees, you may want to consider using a different blockchain. At the time of writing this article, average costs for the following blockchains are:

NetworkNetwork fee10 USDT transaction


~$0.02 - $0.11

~9.74 USDT


~$0.01 - $0.06

~9.79 USDT


± $0.01

~8.4 USDT

Tron (TRC20)

~$0.59 - $2.28

~7.57 USDT

Ethereum (ERC20)

~$0.80 - $7.96

~5.47 USDT

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