Set up your bot

Create a powerful Telegram bot in minutes without coding.

What is a Telegram bot?

In June 2015, Telegram launched a platform for third-party developers to create bots. Bots are Telegram accounts operated by programs and not actual people. They can respond to messages or mentions, can be invited into channels and groups and can be integrated into other programs. TGmembership can also accept payments on your behalf, interact with your existing and potential customers, get feedback from your users, broadcast to countless audiences and so much more.

How to create a Telegram bot?

In our help center, we have a detailed explanation (including a video demonstration) about creating a Telegram bot. Have a look at Create a Telegram membership bot.

Set up your bot

TGmembership is a bot platform for paid Telegram memberships. With us you will be able to create a bot that accepts payments on your behalf and manages your subscription business. Setting up a bot for effective membership management is extremely easy. When you start your bot, you will see an installation wizard button below the start message. This button is visible only to administrators and will be displayed until your bot receives the necessary settings. Add your channels or groups Add a subscription plan Turn off test mode Add a payment method Add a support group Add your custom start message

Add Telegram channels or groups for your bot to manage.

TGmembership can manage an unlimited number of chats. You can add private channels and groups (where you can post your premium content) and public ones (for marketing and promotional purposes). Learn more about adding groups and channels by reading the article Create a paid Telegram channel or group

Create a subscription plan.

Create an unlimited number of plans, each with a different name, duration, price and/or currency. Learn more about creating subscription plans by reading the article Custom Telegram subscription plans

Test your bot

"Test mode" is supported by PayPal, Stripe and Pay. It allows you to test your bots with orders and payments without using real funds. This is a great way to check how your bot works before switching to "live mode". No commission is charged for orders placed in test mode (for users of the "Pay As You Go" plan). Please note, switching from one mod to another will delete your payment methods.

Supported Payment Methods

To make your business more attractive to your customers, TGmembership offers several payment gateways through which you can easily sell memberships in Telegram. We are constantly working on improving our list.

Payment methods

Support Group

By default, your bot sends notifications of certain events as private messages to the bot administrators. These notifications can be about new members, people with expired memberships, messages from your members, etc. Adding a support group is useful when there is a team behind your project and you want to manage it all together. This way, each of you will receive information about the project and will be aware of everything that is happening. To add a support group, please open the /settings menu of your bot -> Group Management -> Support Group. Learn more about TGmembership's built-in support by reading the article Built-in support for your Telegram subscription business.

Custom Start Message

This is the message your users see when starting the bot (or when using the /start command). You can replace it with whatever you want to introduce your users to the product or service you offer. It can be a text message, or photo/video/audio/document with or without caption.

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