Limited Access Token Usage

Learn about the limitations and regulations surrounding access token usage in TGmembership, ensuring fair practices and effective management of your bot's operations.


Access tokens serve as valuable tools in granting users access to memberships without requiring payments. TGmembership's "Limited Access Token Usage" policy ensures fair usage and compliance with our terms of service. This article aims to provide a clear understanding of this policy and its impact on your bot's functionality.

What are Access Tokens?

Access tokens serve as one-time codes or links that enable users to activate their memberships without making a payment. These tokens are created exclusively by bot administrators and offer a convenient way to grant access to membership benefits. They are often utilized for various purposes, such as offline payments, giveaways, or other non-payment scenarios.

Limited Access Token Usage

To maintain a sustainable ecosystem, TGmembership has implemented a policy to regulate the usage of access tokens. This policy ensures that access tokens are not misused to violate our terms of service or circumvent payment obligations.

Dynamic Calculation

The limitation on access token usage is not defined by a specific numerical value but is instead dynamically calculated based on your bot's activity. It is important to note that access tokens should not be primarily utilized as a means to settle payments. By adhering to this guideline, you can typically operate within the established limits without any issues.

Consequences of Excessive Token Usage

If the system detects excessive reliance on access tokens as the primary method of payment settlement, access to this feature may be temporarily suspended. It is important to understand that your bot's core functionalities, including payment processing, will remain unaffected. Only the access token feature will be temporarily disabled. In due course, if sufficient real payments are made to compensate for the access tokens issued, the feature will automatically be restored. Alternatively, bot owners can expedite the restoration process by upgrading to the Pay Monthly plan.


TGmembership's Limited Access Token Usage policy ensures fair usage and compliance within our platform. By understanding the limitations, benefits, and consequences associated with access token usage, you can effectively manage your bot's operations. Should you have any further questions or require assistance, our dedicated support team is here to help.

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