Strict Access Control

Enhance Membership Security with TGmembership's Strict Access Control

Strict Access Control: Bolstering Membership Security

Are you looking to maintain rock-solid control over your Telegram community or business channel? TGmembership has introduced an additional layer of security - Strict Access Control. This feature acts as an added safeguard, even if an admin's link accidentally finds its way into unauthorized hands.

Why It Matters:

1. Enhanced Security

Strict Access Control supplements our existing robust membership management. It ensures that only individuals with active memberships can access your exclusive content, keeping your community secure.

2. Tailored Flexibility

While this feature fortifies your channel's security, we understand that it might not be suitable for all cases. We've made it user-friendly, so you can easily toggle it on or off based on your unique requirements.

Understanding the Mechanism

With Strict Access Control enabled, only members with active subscriptions can access your channel or group. If someone without a valid membership attempts to join through an invite link, the bot will promptly remove them. This ensures that your exclusive content remains exclusively accessible to paying subscribers.

It's important to note that TGmembership, even before the introduction of this feature, has always been proactive in managing members-only access. The bot generates invite links for customers, ensuring they are used exclusively by paying members. Strict Access Control takes this a step further, providing an additional layer of protection in case an admin's link somehow becomes public.

Toggling Strict Access Control On or Off

To turn Strict Access Control on or off, simply open the TGmembership bot and type /settings. Then, go to 'Group Management,' followed by 'Join Requests.' In this section, you'll find 'Strict Access Control.' If there's a green checkmark next to the text, it's currently on; tap it to switch it off.

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