Embark on a journey of unprecedented bot organization with the introduction of Projects, the game-changing feature in the 1.40 update. In the past, managing multiple branches or projects required separate bots, creating a potential labyrinth for both admins and users. With Projects, businesses can consolidate their offerings into a single, versatile bot, allowing members to hold multiple memberships with distinct prices and access to specialized chats. This article delves into the transformative capabilities of Projects and how it reshapes the landscape of bot management.

It's crucial to understand the financial dynamics that accompany this transformative feature. Projects, being a premium addition, introduces a streamlined approach to billing that aligns with the diverse needs of different business models.

  • Pay As You Go: For bots utilizing the Pay As You Go billing model, each new project incurs a modest charge of €10.

  • Pay Monthly (Bundle): If your bot operates under the Pay Monthly Bundle package, the good news is that you can seamlessly create new projects using your bundle allowance. The bundle and projects share the same limit, offering a harmonious billing experience without additional charges.

  • Pay Monthly: For bots under the Pay Monthly package, ready to embrace the full potential of the Projects feature, upgrading is the key. Alternatively, our dedicated support team is at your service, ready to craft a personalized offer tailored to your business needs.

Remember, the utilization of Projects is entirely optional, empowering businesses to decide whether to integrate this feature into their bot management strategy or stick to the basic package without incurring any additional costs.

Step 1: Type /projects

Begin your journey by typing /projects in your bot. The bot will promptly provide essential information, including how many are allowed, and the current usage (inclusive of other bots in the same bundle, if you are on Pay Monthly).

Step 2: Click 'Add New' and Enter a User-Friendly Name

Take the next step in creating your project by clicking 'Add New.' Provide a descriptive and user-friendly name for your new project.

Step 3: Chats & Plans Options

After creating your project, delve into the Chats & Plans options. Define the user experience by specifying the chats accessible to users associated with this project. Equally important, set the available subscription plans users can choose from when subscribing to this project.

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