Changing Plan Prices

Are you a TGmembership bot owner seeking to modify the prices of your subscription plans? This guide will provide you with insights into plan price adjustments and explain why they differ between recurring and non-recurring plans.

Understanding the Distinction: Recurring vs. Non-Recurring Plans

TGmembership allows users to tweak the prices of non-recurring plans but restricts modifications for recurring plans. This distinction exists due to the nature of recurring plans and the terms agreed upon by your customers when they initially subscribed.

Why the Limitation for Recurring Plans?

Recurring plans involve a commitment between you (the bot owner) and your customers. When a customer opts for a recurring plan, they agree to specific terms that include the price, subscription duration, and more. These terms create a sort of "contract" between you and your customer, ensuring a consistent experience for subscribers.

Changing the terms of a recurring plan unilaterally would be akin to altering a contract without the agreement of both parties. To uphold the integrity of this agreement, TGmembership does not permit price changes for recurring plans.

How to Adjust Recurring Plan Prices

If you're looking to modify the price of a recurring plan, the process involves creating a new plan with the updated pricing. Here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Disable the Existing Recurring Plan: Start by disabling the current recurring plan from your offerings. This will prevent new subscribers from enrolling in the old pricing structure.

  2. Create a New Recurring Plan: Design a new recurring plan with the updated price. Ensure all the necessary plan details and terms are accurate.

  3. Attract New Subscribers: The new plan will now be available for new subscribers, enabling them to join your community at the revised price.

Existing Customers and Plan Changes

While you implement the new recurring plan, existing customers who are still subscribed to the previous plan will continue to renew their membership based on the initial terms they agreed to. Their subscription will remain at the original price until they choose to cancel it.

Customers can cancel their subscriptions for various reasons, such as manual cancellation, administrative action, insufficient funds, or an expired payment method.

Ensuring a Smooth Transition

The transition to a new pricing scheme is designed to protect existing customers' expectations and uphold the integrity of your agreements with them. Disabled plans effectively become inaccessible to new customers, streamlining the transition process.

In summary, modifying the price of recurring plans in TGmembership is achieved by creating new plans, ensuring a smooth transition for existing customers, while inviting new subscribers to enjoy your community at the updated pricing.

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