1.11 - 17 Apr '21

TGmembership is growing rapidly. New bots are created every day, and the forecast is that by the end of April the active ones will be over 200. This update includes many changes that are unlikely to be noticed but aim to optimise the service and reduce the resources it consumes so we can keep your bots lightning-fast without sacrificing their functionality and without changing our pricing policy.


  • The system now automatically detects and suspends inactive bots. "Inactive bots" are those to which TGmembership doesn't have access (deleted or revoked tokens), or those that haven't received a single message for months.

  • Added option to create plans that are only available to newcomers (users who have never had a subscription before) or only to existing customers (those who have an active membership at the time of the order).

  • Added option to create plans that can only be ordered once by each customer.

  • Added option to create plans that can only be purchased using access codes.


  • The /addplan and /delplan commands are deprecated. Their functionalities are available in the new /plans command. Your bots will continue to respond to the old commands in this version to ensure smoother migration. Their removal is planned for version 1.12.

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