1.39 - 08 Nov '23


  • Bitcoin Lightning Network payments now available through CryptoNoKYC, offering faster and cheaper Bitcoin transactions.

  • Convenient built-in wallet for Lightning Network withdrawals on demand.

  • Added the POST /affiliate API method for remote affiliates registration, making it even easier to expand your affiliate program.

  • Deep-linking coupons now possible when attached to a single plan, offering more flexibility in promotions.

  • Create plans/coupons for non-newcomer users such as churned or renewing users. This feature allows you to offer exclusive plans to individuals who have previously purchased a membership from your bot, regardless of their current membership status.


  • Issue coupons that are exclusive to invitees or non-invitees, giving you greater control over your promotions.

  • New affiliates will now be automatically registered without the need to click the "I want to participate" button.

  • Boosted the limit for the number of access tokens that bots can generate at once, from 100 to 1000.

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