Resolving Unconfirmed Crypto Payments in Your Bot

If a customer reports an issue with a crypto payment not being confirmed by the bot, it’s crucial to understand the various reasons this might occur and how to address them effectively. Below are the steps to troubleshoot and resolve the issue.

TGmembership does not process any transactions. Our business is focused on building software to manage memberships for our business users. All payments are processed by external companies such as PayPal, Stripe, CryptoNoKYC, and others. If you encounter any issues with payments, please contact the respective payment processor for assistance.

Verify the Transaction

Export Client List

Start by checking the /export_clients_list in your bot. This command generates a report in a spreadsheet-like file that can be opened with Excel or other editors. This file contains information on orders placed by your customers. Locate the address where the customer sent the funds. The invoice ID is crucial for tracking the payment.

Ensure the payment was made within the 6-hour payment window. TGmembership always requests a 6-hour payment window for each invoice. The spreadsheet includes the date and time when the order was placed. Also, verify that the correct coin/token and network were used, as it's common for users to send the wrong tokens or use incorrect networks.

If the payment was made on time and appears as "COMPLETED" in your spreadsheet, the issue might be that the user hasn't joined your channel. Guide the user to join using the /join command. Refer users to this article for more details on joining chats: How to Join Chats

Check the Blockchain

Use a blockchain explorer that supports the network of the transaction to verify if the payment was indeed made. This will help determine the status of the funds. For convenience, here are some popular blockchain explorers:

Analyze the Payment Status

  • Payment Not Confirmed but Visible on Blockchain: If the payment shows up on the blockchain but is marked as "PENDING" in your spreadsheet, the payment was likely made late. Late payment is a common problem, but so is sending the wrong token/coin or using the wrong network. Contact the payment processor, CryptoNoKYC, to re-activate the invoice so it can recognize the late payment. You can reach them at

  • No Payment on Blockchain: If the blockchain explorer shows no funds received at the address in question, it indicates that the customer never made the payment. Inform the customer accordingly.

Common Issues and Solutions

  • Late Payments: Payments made after the payment window closes will not be automatically confirmed. These need to be manually addressed by contacting the payment processor.

  • Incorrect Payment Addresses: Ensure that the customer used the correct address provided by the bot. Incorrect addresses will result in untraceable payments.

  • Wrong Coin/Token/Network: Verify that the customer sent the correct coin or token and used the correct network. Sending the wrong currency or using an incorrect network can cause payments not to be detected.

  • Network Delays: Occasionally, network delays might cause temporary issues in transaction visibility. Waiting a few minutes and re-checking might resolve the issue.

Contact Support

If you have followed these steps and still face issues, please contact the support team with the following information:

  • Invoice ID

  • Payment transaction ID

  • Address used for the payment

For payment processing issues, contact CryptoNoKYC directly at

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