1.27 - 22 Sep '22


  • Added option to hide "Membership Status" and "Join" buttons from /start menu.

  • Added option to link coupons to specific plans.

  • Added two new languages: Hebrew and Persian.

  • Added option to preview the start message.

  • Added option to preview the group greeting.

  • Added an option to filter the list in the /affiliate module. You can choose to see: 1) all affiliates, 2) only affiliates who have invited people, or 3) only affiliates who have generated profit.

  • Hashtags have been added to notifications of new payments, messages from customers, and more. The purpose of this is to make it easier to search and organise your work more easily.

  • Added /donate command. You can accept donations from your users without having to create special plans for the purpose.

  • Added option to Broadcast to users who have never had a membership before (including free/trial plans).

  • Added captcha (anti-bot) verification (disabled by default).


  • When editing a specific customer's membership expiration date via the /members command, the ID of this member can now be entered directly instead of searching through the menu.

  • Orders in /export_clients_list for which there is no email received from the payment method will show the email collected via the internal email collection feature (if in use).

  • The order ID will be displayed in notifications of payments received.

  • If there is more than one pre-defined reply for custom commands, the bot will start from the first added and show the next one in order, instead of randomly as it was before.

  • If the bot has only one payment method available, it will be selected automatically when placing an order.

  • Upon successful completion of the Broadcast, the administrator who sent it will receive confirmation of how many people received the message and how long it took. This will be accurate data, as opposed to the forecast you get when you send the broadcast.


  • /export_clients_list shows up to 2500 results.

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