Create a subscription plan

Maximize your profit with custom, flexible plans.

Create custom, flexible plans, and maximize your profit

Unlock the full potential of Telegram by offering custom subscription plans tailored to your audience. From short-term trials to lifetime memberships, free or paid, recurring or one-time fees, the possibilities are endless.

Choose a name for your plan

Personalize your plans with unique names. When your potential members look at your plan, TGmembership will show the name of the plan, as well as its price and duration separately. To avoid confusion, please make sure to only include the name of the plan.


With TGmembership, you have the flexibility to set the duration of each plan to meet your needs. You can choose a duration as short as a day or as long as several years. You have full control over the duration, and you can use different options such as "1 month" to create a monthly plan, zero for a free trial, or a specific date such as 02.11.2021 to set an expiration date for the membership, regardless of when the member signs up for it. This is especially useful for businesses like football tips, where you want the membership to be valid only during the football season.


Choose any price for your plans. TGmembership accepts both whole numbers and decimals with up to two digits after the decimal point. For instance, 2, 3.3, or 9.99 are all acceptable prices.

No need to enter a currency - this will be done in the next step

Select a currency

For maximum convenience, you can select the currency your plan will use.

Customize your plan

Last step - create your plan.

1. Recurring or one-time payments

  • Recurring payments: When enabled, recurring payments allow TGmembership to automatically charge the subscription fee to the subscriber's account on a regular basis, as agreed upon when they place and pay their first invoice.

  • One-time payment: For plans that require a one-time payment, customers need to manually renew their subscription once it expires. It's important to note that with manual payments, customers can place multiple orders consecutively to extend their subscription period.

2. Trial

Consider adding a trial period to your recurring subscription to attract potential users. You can create a comprehensive plan that starts with a free period, after which it will automatically start charging users the full price of your subscription plan. For instance, you can offer one week for free, and then set a monthly subscription fee of $20. This will allow users to test the waters before committing to a full subscription, which can increase their trust and confidence in your service. Additionally, this strategy can help reduce churn rates, as users who have had a chance to test your product are more likely to continue using it in the long term.

3. Newcomers only

  • Newcomers only: All - This is the default option that makes your plan available to both newcomers and returning users.

  • Newcomers only: Yes - This option restricts your plan only to users who have never purchased a membership before.

  • Newcomers only: No - This option limits your plan to users who have previously purchased a membership, regardless of their current membership status.

4. Invitee only

  • Invitee only: All - This is the default option - it makes the plan available to everyone, regardless of whether they have been invited by an affiliate or not.

  • Invitee only: Yes - This option restricts access to this plan so that only users who have been invited by one of your affiliates can purchase it. Users who joined your bot without an affiliate link won't be able to see this plan in the subscription menu.

  • Invitee only: No - This option is the opposite of "Invitee only: Yes". When this is enabled, only customers who have been invited by one of your affiliates will be able to purchase this plan. Customers who have joined your bot without an affiliate link will not see this plan.

5. Hidden

With this option, you can hide a plan from the subscribe menu, which means that only customers who have a direct link to the plan can purchase it. This can be useful if you want to offer a special promotion to a select group of customers, or if you want to limit access to the plan for any other reason.

6. Thank you message

Enable this option to set a customized message, such as a text, photo, video, or document, that will be automatically sent to customers once their payment is confirmed. This can be useful for providing additional information, next steps, or expressing gratitude to your customers.

7. Multi use / Single use / Renewal only / Churned only

  • "Multi-use" plans are plans that are available to anyone and can be ordered at any time.

  • "Single-use" plans are limited to a one-per-customer, meaning that each customer can only purchase and use the plan once.

  • "Renewal only" plans are only visible to customers who already have an active membership at the time of placing the order.

  • "Churned only" plans are plans that are visible only to customers who have previously had a membership but for some reason, such as cancellation or expiration, do not have an active membership at the time of the order. These plans are designed to target customers who have previously shown interest in your services and may be more likely to renew their membership. By offering these plans exclusively to churned customers, you can encourage them to come back and try your services again.

8. Available with access tokens only

This option allows you to restrict access to your plan by requiring an access token. When enabled, customers will need to enter the access token in order to subscribe to the plan. This will prevent the plan from being ordered using traditional payment methods, as your bot will ignore all installed payment methods and show only the access token option.

9. Available with affiliate credit only

Enabling the /affiliate module allows your customers to receive commissions in the form of internal purchase credits.

If you enable this option, your plan will only be visible to those who want to pay using their credits. This will restrict the plan from being ordered using traditional payment methods, and your bot will only show the option to pay with credits.

Confirm whether the plan should be created

The bottom of the page will display two buttons - "Yes" and "No". If you're satisfied with the plan you've created and want to proceed, click on the "Yes" button. On the other hand, if you wish to cancel the operation, click on the "No" button.

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